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Auto Industry

DMS Design Company Automotive Metal Spinning CNC

Although Henry Ford was not the first person to invent the automobile, he became an influential industrial icon due to his establishment of the assembly line. Just like an assembly line, the Revolution is a combination of components working in an iterative manner to mass produce thousands of identical products. The automotive industry requires consistent and accurately spun metal parts, which makes the Revolution CNC metal spinning machine the optimal asset at its price point.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Automated CNC Metal Spinning DMS

The aerospace industry requires precisely engineered metal spun pieces, a tiny flaw could be detrimental to the success of the finished assembly. The Revolution is comprised of UL and CE certified components, meticulously integrated into the system for greater repeatability and efficiency. The Revolution uses a ball-screw system rather than a hydraulic system for increased precision and repeatability.

Oil And Chemical Industries

DMS Design Company Oil and Gas CNC Metal Spinning Machinery

Similar to the aerospace industry, it is crucial that parts are made within a tight tolerance for both the oil and chemical industries – a ball-screw system delivers precision without sacrificing speed. A hydraulic-less system also has other benefits; the Revolution has become one of the most energy efficient CNC metal spinning machines on the market, and any possible repair/upkeep costs are significantly lower than a hydraulic-based machine.

Lighting Industry

Metal Spinning Machinery Garden Lighting DMS

Speed and precision are the two most important variables when metal spinning workpieces for the lighting industry. Speed increases production, margins, and ROI… Precision is important for assembly. The Revolution can move at speeds up to 300 inches/minute with 18kN of roller force. Because the metal spinning machine has been designed using 0.0004” tolerance ball-screws and incredibly accurate (made in the USA) servo motors, the combination of speed and precision makes the Revolution ideal for lighting products.

Cookware Industry

Pots and Pans Metal Spinning CNC machinery DMS Design Retrofit

Cooking and cookware are heavily dependant on science. A great deal of certainty and accuracy is required when manufacturing cookware, which affects how well a product will sell in the marketplace. The Revolution is a CNC metal spinning machine that will upkeep the quality of your products, as it is designed to output thousands of identical parts, quickly and efficiently.

Other Industries

DMS Design Company CNC Metal spinning medical grade machinery

It is well understood that no matter the industry, it is quite common for a spun metal part to be apart of an assembly. The Revolution has been designed with the success of small businesses in mind, whether your concern is; ease of use, reliability, quickness, preciseness, or affordability – the Revolution is your metal spinning solution.

CNC Metal Spinning Wooden Chuck Lighting Fixture

"What if you didn’t need exceptional people to make exceptional products?"

Metal spinning has been around for thousands of years. Since there is no known technology that can effectively replace the process, it is likely to continue to thrive. Unfortunately, due to the quickly disappearing workforce, there is a demand for affordable CNC machinery which has gone largely unfulfilled.

By offering retrofit kits for existing hand spinning lathes, we hope to remove the pressure off the small business owner and place them back in the driver seat of the business they worked so hard to build. Furthermore, by producing a complete, stand-alone CNC metal machine, we are producing a vehicle of growth for those who do not already own a hand spinning lathe.

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Highly-Efficient, Precise
& Hydraulic Free

Our 2-axis robot uses the latest servo drive technology to produce incredible accuracy, high rolling forces and all in a very quiet, energy efficient non-hydraulic environment. We use American-made components as often as we can. The standard versions of the Revolution use very powerful high-resolution Teknic servo motors, capable of developing more than 3500 pounds of forming force at the spinning roller.

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