My exposure to the metal spinning industry made me realize that the industry is largely missing out on the concept of simplicity. Yes, there are instances where the big, bone-crushing, complex machines are required, but I believe there is also a need for a smaller, simpler machine for automatic metal spinning.

Fresh from engineering school in 1978, the words of a wise man I met ingrained themselves in my brain and have helped form the basis of my design philosophy ever since – “It is easy to make something complicated, but usually challenging to keep something simple.” A simple statement, but profound when viewed from a design perspective.

David Stevenson, CEO

CNC Metal Spinning Manufacturer About Us

A Path To Freedom

DMS Design Company specializes in CNC metal spinning machinery and equipment. We are a family corporation; proud of our quality machines, North American manufacturing, and our affordable prices. DMS Design Company was founded on the philosophy, “What if you didn’t need exceptional people to make exceptional products?”. Not only is the next generation of our workforce almost entirely uninterested in fulfilling metal spinning positions, but existing hand spinners are quickly retiring and/or getting injured and leaving their positions. This creates tension for smaller job shops, requiring most to take out massive loans to purchase over-priced CNC equipment or even ultimately… closing-up shop.

A lot of business owners are now spinning metal themselves, rather than focusing on leading their business. We offer an affordable, quality CNC alternative – the Revolution. The Revolution is a 2-axis CNC metal spinning robot which can mount to existing hand spinning lathes, or can be sold as a stand-alone, complete CNC metal spinning machine. To find out more about our Retrofit kits, click on the button below.

Since the introduction of the Retrofit kits, our product line has expanded into complete machines for OEMs. To find out more about our complete machines, click on the button below. Compared to most companies producing metal spinning equipment, our prices are much lower – but why? For one, most of the slide and machine components are milled and painted in our factory. Secondly, the machines use high torque, high-efficiency, ball-screw systems to drive many of the components, rather than hydraulics. A hydraulic-free system not only reduces the cost of the machine… but it’s much more energy efficient for the businesses which employ it.

Hand Crafted CNC Metal Spinning Machinery

Quality Engineering & Components

DMS Design Company’s team of engineers are dedicated to efficiency and consistency. Our engineers are determined to push the boundaries of technology in an industry which lacks innovation. Anything not made in our factory in Ontario, Canada, is sourced from North American manufacturers as often as we can.

Building For The Future

Due to our low overhead and our desire for excellence, we have put our business in a position to easily incorporate new technologies and innovation. DMS Design Company Inc. is a privately held corporation – we reinvest in our technologies, products, customer service, and business. By focusing on providing incredible value rather than quarterly profits for public shareholders, we are creating a business that is sustainable, innovative, and beneficial to all.

DMS Design Company CNC Metal Spinning Built In House Machining

Taking Steps To Revolutionize Your Business

For our Canadian and American customers, we are extremely excited to announce that we offer finance and leasing options for our metal spinning equipment. Now more than ever, it is easier to grow your business. Take your business to the next level and have a dedicated team by your side. We can’t wait to see your success.

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